Why 24*7 Security Operation Center (SOC) is Essential?

The hard reality is that just deploying Firewalls and Malware Detection Solutions are not enough anymore.

17 June 2021

Importance of 24*7 Security Operation Center (SOC)

Businesses are banks. Business owners, employees, and customers deposit daily into the “business bank.” Whether the investment is purchase via credit card or building out some new form of Intellectual Property, the “business bank” continues to grow.

Hackers are like bank robbers—some will strike daringly during the daytime while many happen at night or over the weekend when no one is there. Just as real banks protect the hard and soft assets, “business banks” need to do the same.

The hard reality is that just deploying Firewalls and Malware Detection Solutions are not enough anymore.

Without active 24/7 monitoring, no organization is secure anymore. Hackers are getting better and better at attacking corporate networks, especially as businesses use more and more cloud-based solutions that move the “business bank” outside of the building.

Without a holistic pan-enterprise wide visibility capability like a Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) solution to trip alarms, attackers know how to search the gaps and can bypass common security roadblocks. Once they do, they normally live in your network without detection for weeks, sometimes for months, before they possibly are ever even detected.

The role of a Security Operation Center (SOC)

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) forms the center of an enterprise’s operational defense against all cyber-attacks. The Security Operations Centre is a dedicated unit consisting of highly trained and experienced cybersecurity experts working towards a singular purpose: Protecting your “Business Bank”

Having a SOC provides multiple benefits to an organization

  • 24×7 monitoring of all corporate traffic going in and out of the environment – Having a firewall or end-point protection does no good unless they are monitored & people can respond to the alerts
  • Live Detection and shorter incident response times – The SOC wants to stop the hackers before the plunder your “business bank” versus discovering the break-in when everyone comes to work on a really bad Monday morning
  • Helping corporations meet regulatory compliance and government regulations – Information Security compliance requirements will be growing for all forms of business. Even real banks and insurance providers are adding Information Security compliance requirements.

As SOC review security events and logs on a 24×7 basis, it rapidly shrinks the business bank’s Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD). These days, most of the bad actors tend to attack after hours when the chances of someone actively looking at the solution console is minimal. Would your business bank know if a ransomware attack was happening in your network in the middle of the night? Once a threat is able to get into your “business bank,” it can wreak havoc on systems and endpoints and most times lead to eventually stealing your IP, plundering your bank accounts, or holding your data at ransom.

As a SOC service provider monitoring your IT network 24 x 7, our job is to detect the hacker’s initial attempts to gain access to your “business bank,” determine any impact, and remediate the situation before you showed up for work in the morning – assuring that your corporate assets are safe, and your solutions will be working as expected when you need them.

Most small businesses (SMBs) have limited or no IT staff. Even when SMB companies do hire IT, staff, they are hired with general skillset. Most in-house techs do not have the cybersecurity domain expertise to detect and act on thousands of cyber threats that are surfacing daily.

SafeAeon SOC-as-a-Service

SafeAeon SOC-as-a-Service was built especially for the small businesses that can be destroyed by a Ransomware attack and cannot afford services normally available only for large enterprises.

SafeAeon SOC-as-a-Service is designed to fill this gap at a price point that works for both Managed Service Providers and their clients.

SafeAeon’s 24×7 Security Teams work around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyberattacks before they have the chance to impact your business. Our highly trained, certified, and expert team providing exceptional services at an affordable price like never seen before.

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SafeAeon's 24×7 SOC operates ceaselessly to watch over, identify, and counter cyber attacks, ensuring your business remains resilient and unharmed

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