Managed Detection & Response-as-a-Service

“Uncover threats & protect your IT infrastructure with SafeAeon MDR”

SafeAeon's AI Powered 24x7 MDR security services provide rapid prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, network, cloud, and IoT devices. SafeAeon turnkey MDR Security Services are competitively priced, starting at less than the cost of hiring a single security analyst.


SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service

SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service is an outsourced cybersecurity solution that enables organizations to efficiently detect and respond to cyber threats while limiting the potential impact. This service eliminates the need for additional staff to manage incident response within the network.

Turnkey MDR security services provide organizations with all the necessary tools and experts to deploy, configure, and monitor them. The goal of 24x7 Turnkey MDR Security Services is to expedite the process of detecting and responding to cyber threats while simultaneously reducing the number of vulnerabilities in the network through the implementation of security controls and best practices.

How does SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service Work?

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Key Challenges without MDR!

“As the volume, variety, and sophistication of cyber threats increase exponentially, organizations facing below challenges!”

Alert Fatigue

Lack of Security Skills


Underlying Security Flaws

Slow Threat Detection

No Advanced Threat Identification

Security Immaturity

SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service – Benefits

Customer Trust

Trusted MDR Partner for 300+ customers across 10+ countries

Rapid Threat

Rapid Threat Detection & Mitigation

eye on screen

24x7 Eyes on Screen


Leverages Industry Leading EDR Solutions

Vulnerability Report

Complementary Vulnerability Report


No Extra Charges for Onboarding


Month to Month Subscription

SOC2 Type2

SOC 2 Type II & ISO-27k1 Certified Services


Compliant with GDPR & local Data Privacy Law

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What our MSP, MSSP Partners and End Clients say about us?

SafeAeon was the SOC we needed and had been searching for to partner with us. We had demos and trials of several other products but the cost to benefit ratio was just too high. SafeAeon allowed us a four month trial at a very low cost which made the sign up easier. The onboarding period and the tuning process was simple and all the SOC personnel are friendly and professional. We use them for our SIEM and EDR. Would highly recommend.
Tony Bowman - SafeAeon's Testimonial

- Tony Bowman

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Frequently Asked Questions About MDR-as-a-Service

SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service is a managed security service that provides continuous monitoring and threat detection for an organization's network and endpoints, leveraging industry-standard advanced EDR solutions.
SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service typically includes a higher level of expertise and more advanced technologies & skillsets than traditional security solutions, as well as 24x7 monitoring and rapid threat remediation.
SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service can provide organizations with improved threat detection and response, reduced risk, and the ability to comply with regulatory requirements.
SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service typically involves using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and respond to threats in real-time.
SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service as a Service can protect against a wide range of security threats, including malware, Ransomware, APTs, Zero-day attacks, and other cyber-attacks.
Organizations can get started with SafeAeon MDR-as-a-Service by contacting providers and discussing their specific security needs and requirements.