Data Loss Prevention-as-a-Service

In today's data-driven world, organizations face increasing challenges in protecting their sensitive information from unauthorized access, leaks, or breaches. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions play a crucial role in safeguarding valuable data assets, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders.


Why DLP is necessary for any organization


SafeAeon DLP-as-a-Service Benefits

  • Supports all industry standard DLP solutions
  • Unlimited policy creations as per the business requirement
  • Turnkey deployment and instant prevention from unauthorized access to Data
  • Any number of Custom monthly/biweekly/on-request reports
  • 100% tailored approach to fit in per organization's business needs
  • License and service are bundled together in a monthly subscription with 0 cancellation penalty
  • Heavy discount on product licenses
Causes of Data Loss

SafeAeon Managed Security Program for DLP Security

Data loss prevention solves three main objectives that are common pain points for many organizations: personal information protection/compliance, intellectual property (IP) protection, and data visibility.

SafeAeon DLP Security

With the SafeAeon Managed Security Program for Network DLP, you can focus on strategic imperatives while our security teams deliver the expertise, processes and DLP technology needed to ensure compliance and prevent breaches of PII and PHI.

With our Managed Security Program, you can focus on strategic imperatives while our security experts take care of the “heavy lifting” of endpoint DLP: hosting, setup, ongoing monitoring, analyzing, tuning and maintenance.

Our elite team of experts proactively hunt, detect and respond to attacks in real-time to contain ransomware and other advanced threats before your organization’s sensitive data is breached.Our service provides the highest level of protection of your data from Zero-day attacks, Polymorphic Malware, Fileless Malware, and Ransomware.

What our MSP, MSSP Partners and End Clients say about us?

SafeAeon was the SOC we needed and had been searching for to partner with us. We had demos and trials of several other products but the cost to benefit ratio was just too high. SafeAeon allowed us a four month trial at a very low cost which made the sign up easier. The onboarding period and the tuning process was simple and all the SOC personnel are friendly and professional. We use them for our SIEM and EDR. Would highly recommend.
Tony Bowman - SafeAeon's Testimonial

- Tony Bowman

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