Dark Web Monitoring-as-a-Service

Get real-time Dark Web exposure alerts and find out what cybercriminals know about your employees and customers

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Dark Web Monitoring-as-a-Service

Get real-time Dark Web exposure alerts and find out what cybercriminals know about your employees and customers

Extended Detection and Response XDR Security by SafeAeon Inc.

SafeAeon Dark Web Monitoring

SafeAeon SOC is dedicated to keeping your corporate domains and employee data safe by continuously monitoring them against a database of breached data lakes on the dark web. In the event of a breach, our SOC team immediately alerts you through a triaged escalation process, led by a human analyst, and works with your team to take corrective actions. At SafeAeon, our mission is to make the web a safer place by disrupting darknet underground activities. Through proactively protecting our customers against stolen corporate credentials or compromised machines, we strive to prevent bad actors from profiting off of stolen corporate data.

SafeAeon Dark Web Monitoring Process

Dark Web process

Most Trusted Dark Web Monitoring Service

Millions of compromised corporate data are added to Dark Web daily. Threat actors can potentially use these compromised records to compromise company infrastructure to harm the company’s reputation. Assist your security & IT team in taking timely actions to contain compromised accounts and infected machines.

320+ Billion

Recaptured Assets

28+ Billion

Total Passwords

35+ Billion

Email Addresses

225+ Billion

Unique Data Types

SafeAeon Dark Web Service Components

Dark Web Monitoring-as-a-Service helps you stay ahead of cybercriminals by providing information about potential threats to your company and employees on the Dark Web. By taking timely, proactive actions on compromised accounts, assets, and employee PII, you can protect your company's infrastructure and reputation. With this service, you'll have a clear understanding of potential threats, allowing you to act quickly to mitigate them.

Dark Web Monitoring Service by SafeAeon Inc.

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Dark Web Monitoring FAQ’s

Dark Web functions primarily as a black marketplace where cyber criminals can sell or broker transactions involving compromised accounts, stoles employee PII data, corporate asset information, stolen credit card data, along with other illicit goods such as drugs, weapons etc.
Session hijacking (or cookie stealing) attacks can allow an attacker to bypass MFA via pre-authenticated sessions. The authenticated cookies remain valid until the user ends the session by logging out and closing the browser window. Attackers can steal the authenticated cookies and hijack the session, thus bypassing MFA. Attackers can sell these authenticated cookies on the Dark Web.
Corporate employee info can end up on the Dark Web in several ways. Some of the most common attack vectors to steal information or credentials are a phishing attack, a broader breach during a cyberattack, malware attacks via email or web, or ransomware attacks.
Dark Web functions primarily as a black marketplace where stolen data acts as a form of currency on the Dark Web. Bad actors broker stolen data to buy and sell to facilitate targeted corporate cyber-attacks, public data leaks, or initiate ransomware attacks

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