24 June 2024

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools are now an important part of modern cybersecurity. These strong tools carefully gather logs and events from throughout an organization's IT infrastructure, acting as its brains. SIEMs can find possible risks by looking at this data, which keeps your company one step ahead of cybercriminals. But even the most reliable SIEM system can have problems. Simply like a car with a flat tire, SIEMs can have problems that make them less useful.

The good news is that many of these usual issues have been solved before. By knowing what problems you might run into, you can make sure that your SIEM keeps working well and giving you useful information to keep your business safe. We will talk about three of the most common problems SIEM users have, giving you the information you need to get your system back on track.

A recent study found that an amazing 93% of companies use SIEM solutions. The fact that SIEMs are used by so many people shows how important they are for improving security. Still, getting too much info is a real and present danger. SIEMs can get too busy when too many logs are made by modern IT environments. This can cause alert fatigue and make it hard to find real threats. SIEMs can also produce a lot of False Positives if they are not properly configured and tuned, which wastes the time of security analysts.

We're going to look at these problems in more depth and give you steps you can take to get your SIEM solution working properly again.

What is SIEM and How Does it Work?

SIEM is a system used for finding threats. It gathers security alerts from different sources and sends them to a central location so they can be reviewed and actioned. It also makes compliance reports. It is possible to see all security events on a single platform with SIEM systems because they combine and normalize data. This means that users can find threats right away, without having to sort through alerts from different threat hunting and tracking tools.

SIEM solutions offer a personalized cyber defense based on set rules, connections between security events, and machine learning. They also keep log data over time, which makes it simple to find old data and make compliance reports.

Three Problems that SIEM Can Solve

1. Too much information

Because SIEM systems are linked to other networks, organizations often get too many alerts from them. It can take a lot of time to check each alert by hand; it usually takes at least a minute per alert. They can't look over all of the reports because of this, so many go unchecked.

Solution: Using automated threat intelligence can cut down on the time it takes to look over alerts by a large amount. These systems use machine learning and natural language processing to combine and link data in real-time. This lets experts prioritize the most important alerts at the top of the list, which speeds up the review of all alerts.

2. Not enough outside context

SIEM systems usually send out alerts based on internal data, which is very important for determining when someone in the company is doing something wrong. However, relying only on internal info is not enough to ensure full security. External danger feeds need to be used, but they can make analysts' jobs harder and often lead to false alarms and extra noise.

Solution: Threat intelligence systems get information from many different sources, such as the dark web, security blogs, news sites, and social networks. This data is quickly matched with data from the internal SIEM to find risks that haven't been seen before. This combination gives you a bigger picture of your security, which makes it easier to find and deal with threats.

3. Timing and Response in Real Time

It is important to compare internal and external data to find threats, but this data may only be useful for a short time—often just minutes or hours. Real-time data needs to be acted on immediately, which can cause too much information and make it hard to decide which threats are the most important.

Solution: Automated threat intelligence solutions make studying faster and give you a clear picture of the threats right now. These solutions make it easy for analysts to quickly evaluate and react to security events, which keeps them from being overwhelmed with too much information and ensures that threats are dealt with quickly.

Top SIEM Solutions

ManageEngine Log360

ManageEngine, which is part of Zoho Corporation and handles IT management, has a full set of tools for managing IT. ManageEngine Log360 is their unified SIEM system that finds security threats, ranks them, investigates them, and takes action against them. It has both DLP and CASB built in, and it uses machine learning to find anomalies, threat intelligence, and rule-based attack detection methods to make event management go smoothly.

What it has:

  • Finding threats to protect a network
  • The MITRE ATT&CK system, rule-based real-time correlation, and ML-based behavior analytics are used to find attacks.
  • Built-in DLP for content-aware security and tracking of file integrity.
  • CASB is built in to control and keep track of who can view private cloud data.
  • Security analytics in real-time and compliance control that is fully integrated.
  • Management of security and risk position to see how things are set up.
  • Prices can be found on the ManageEngine page when asked for.

Heimdal Action and Threat-Hunting Center

Heimdal is a Danish cybersecurity business that helps more than 15,000 customers worldwide with AI-powered solutions. The Threat Hunting and Action Center from this company is a strong SIEM that can find and stop advanced threats. It gives you a single place to handle alerts, data, and security reactions in real-time, making things clearer and letting you find and stop threats before they happen.

What it has:

  • A single place to handle data, alerts, and security replies.
  • Risk rating at the point of sale and across networks and endpoints.
  • Pre-calculated risk scores and a thorough look at the attack.
  • Easy integration with Heimdal's XDR tools for full threat tracking and spotting.
  • Action Center lets you quickly carry out orders.
  • Heimdal Threat Hunting and Action Center is great for SecOps, IT workers, and managed security providers who want to lower the risk to their businesses and make them safer.
  • Fusion of Exabeam SIEM

    Exabeam specializes in using actionable data to improve the security of businesses. Their cloud-based solution, Fusion SIEM, automates the process of finding threats and responding to them while reducing the number of false positives and alert fatigue. It comes with ready-made reports that ensure compliance with rules like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR.

    What it has:

    • Behavior metrics based on machine learning.
    • UEBA points for cutting down on false findings.
    • The user interface makes it easy to set up and control.
    • Prices depend on how many users and organizations are being watched.
    • Advice from experts: Larger companies that want to use strong behavior analytics to find insider threats should consider Exabeam Fusion SIEM.

    IBM QRadar for Security

    IBM Security QRadar is a top SIEM system that can be used on-premises or in the cloud. It provides in-depth analysis of logs, flows, and events, giving threat investigation and reaction processes useful information they can use.

    What it has:

    • Integrations with 450 third-party technologies and threat data feeds right out of the box.
    • Options for fine-grained setup for automatic event analysis and alert prioritization.
    • Security event info that can be used to make decisions.
    • Prices depend on the deployment plan and any extras that are bought.
    • Advice from experts: Medium-sized to large businesses that want an SIEM option that works well with their current systems should consider IBM Security QRadar.

    The LogPoint SIEM

    LogPoint is a European cybersecurity company that offers its main SIEM solution with built-in UEBA for accurate spotting of anomalies and threat prioritization based on risk. It also comes with built-in SOAR features for automating reactions to incidents.

    What it has:

    • The ability to see all event details and connect security events to MITRE.
    • Integrated SOAR to automate reaction to incidents.
    • UEBA was added so that user and entity actions could be analyzed.
    • Pricing and deployment choices that are flexible based on the number of connected devices.
    • Advice from experts: LogPoint SIEM is suggested for all organizations, no matter how big or small, that want an easy-to-manage SIEM with strong features and strong SOAR capabilities.


    Fixing common problems with SIEM solutions is important for keeping security strong and operations running smoothly. As online threats change, it's more important than ever to ensure your SIEM system works perfectly. Start by ensuring that your SIEM software is always up to date with the newest security fixes and features. Make sure the configuration and tuning are correct to cut down on false results and get the best performance. It is very important to handle logs completely; make sure that all the important data sources are connected and that logs are properly interpreted.

    On top of that, ongoing tracking and regular audits can help find and fix problems quickly. Your SIEM will be better able to spot complex attacks using advanced analytics and threat data. Work with your SIEM provider to get help and keep up with new features and the best ways to use them. Just as important as buying equipment is training your staff in the skills they need to handle and fix SIEM systems correctly. Organizations can get the most out of their SIEM solutions and maintain a strong and proactive cybersecurity stance by following these tips. For expert assistance, you can get in touch with the experts of SafeAeon.

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