25 April 2024

Cyberattacks are always a worry in the ever-growing digital world, so companies of all kinds are working hard to make their data safer. Cybersecurity Ventures recently released a study saying that global cybercrime will cost an amazing $ 10.5 trillion by 2025. This means that investing in strong network defenses has become a must. Your network's digital guardians, firewalls, are the first line of defenses. They filter incoming and outgoing data to keep out peoples you don't want to see. But for many businesses, operating a firewall themselves can be hard and could a lot of time. Managed firewalls are a big step forward in security that adds an extra layer of safety.

Think of your network as a bank safe that is full of important data. A traditional firewall keeps people from getting to your digital goods by acting like a strong vault door. But, just like a physical vault needs to be watched all the time, firewalls need to be constantly checked and updated to keep working against hacks that are getting smarter day by day. That's where the skills of a managed firewall service company will show up.

When you hire someone else to handle your firewall, you're hiring a group of cyber- experts. These experts do all the hard work, carefully setting up your firewall to protect your network with a digital moat. They keep your defenses patched and up to date, like a blacksmith who works nonstop to make sure your armor is always ready for war. In addition, they offer monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They act as constant guardians on your digital watchtower, looking for strange behavior and setting off the alarm as soon as they detect trouble. If you have a controlled firewall, you can be sure that your data is safe. This lets you focus on your main business and not worry about digital attacks all night.

Why Does Your Business Need a Managed Firewall?

Your business needs a managed firewall because:

  • It keeps hackers and malware away from your private data by protecting you from cyber threats.
  • You can keep up with new security threats by getting regular information and advice from experts.
  • When you need help, IT experts who know what your business needs are there for you.
  • A controlled firewall keeps an eye on things all the time, so any security vulnerabilities can be found early.
  • Using a controlled firewall can help your business improve its security, which is very important in today's digital world.

What is a firewall of the next generation?

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are the third version of firewall technology. They use smart, context-aware features to protect against advanced security threats at the application level. NGFWs combine basic firewall features, like packet filtering and stateful inspection, with more advanced features that help administrators make smarter choices about which traffic to and which not to.

Filtering packets and looking at data

Node-granular firewalls (NGFWs) can sort packets based on the apps they are part of and look at more than just the IP information inside them. Let's get into the details:

Advanced Protection Against Threats

One of the best things about NGFWs is that they can actively find and stop advanced threats. These firewalls do more than just filter packets; they also use deep packet analysis (DPI) methods. NGFWs can find and stop advanced threats like malware, viruses, and application-layer attacks by looking at the whole packet content. This proactive method helps businesses stay ahead of cybercriminals and reduce risks in a correct way.

Being aware of and controlling applications

Port and protocol-based filtering is what most traditional firewalls do, which may not be enough to handle current network traffic. NGFWs, on the other hand, know a lot about the apps that are using the network. They can pick out specific apps, even ones that use encrypted traffic or non-standard ports, and apply rules that are unique to the app, the user, and the content. This knowledge about applications lets businesses improve network performance, put important applications at the top of the list, and make sure that security rules are followed in a way that fits the needs of each application.

Adding an intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Traditional defenses can stop people who aren't supposed to be there from getting in, but they often can't find and stop more complex intrusions. NGFWs have intrusion prevention systems (IPS) built in. IPS use both signature-based and behavior-based methods to detect and stop network threats in real-time. NGFWs can protect against known and new threats by using threat intelligence databases and constant tracking. This lowers the chances of successful breaches.

Knowing Who the User Is

One of the best things about NGFWs is that they can find and implement rules based on the identities of each users. By connecting to authentication systems like Active Directory or LDAP, NGFWs can link user or group behaviour on the network to specific people or groups. This fine-grained control makes sure that each person's access rights are tailored according to their specific needs. This lowers the risk of insider threats and illegal access. Being aware of a user's name also makes it easier to see how they're acting, makes auditing and compliance easier, and lets you respond to incidents better.

Safe access from afar

Safe online access is important for businesses now that more people work from home and more people use cloud services. NGFWs have virtual private network (VPN) features built in, which lets people in other places safely access internal resources. These firewalls can make sure that connections are made safely, enforce access rules, and look through encrypted data to find possible threats. NGFWs make network control easier and less complicated by combining remote access and network security into a single solution.

Top 5 Benefits Managed Firewall Enhance Network Security

Businesses can get a lot out of managed firewall services, including:

Increased Security: Managed firewall services keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing data all the time, protecting you from online threats. This proactive method helps stop data breaches, unauthorized access, and protects sensitive business data.

Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a third-party company to handle your firewall can save a lot of money in several ways. Businesses don't have to buy expensive gear and software up front, and they also save money on maintenance costs over time. It also saves money because the company doesn't have to pay for hiring and teaching its own cybersecurity team.

Increased Productivity: When a business has a managed firewall service, it can focus on its main tasks without having to constantly look for and deal with online threats. This makes everyone more productive because workers can focus on their work instead of worrying about possible security problems.

Full Protection: Managed firewall services usually come with variety of safety features, like blocking viruses and malware, protecting against intrusions (IDS/IPS), screening websites, and more. This wide range of protections makes sure that all parts of network safety are properly handled and watched over.

Customization: Managed firewall service providers offer plans that can be changed to fit the needs of each business. Businesses can choose the amount of security and services that work best for them and their budget, so they get the best protection without having to pay extra for features they don't need.

Overall, managed firewall services give companies peace of mind because they know their cybersecurity needs are being taken care of by professionals. This lets them focus on growth and new ideas without having to worry about security. Hopefully, you can seek the benefits of the managed firewall as per your organization's requirement.


A managed firewall makes network security much better by giving organizations strong, proactive defenses that are tuned to their specific needs. With advanced threat detection and real-time tracking, a managed firewall constantly checks for possible loopholes and strange behavior, making sure that threats are quickly found and stopped. Strong protection is made even better by the dedicated security experts who run and update the firewall, making sure it can keep up with the constantly changing cyber threat landscape. Managed firewalls also offer detailed reporting and analytics, which help businesses stay in line with industry laws and give them useful information about their security.

Hiring someone else to handle the firewall also frees up internal IT staff to work on more important business tasks while still keeping the network safe. Modern technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are added to the firewall to make it even better at predicting and stopping threats. To sum up, a managed firewall not only makes network security stronger, but it also gives you peace of mind by protecting you 24/7 from advanced cyber threats. For add-on cybersecurity service or expert assistance, you can get in touch with SafeAeon.

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